Luxury Student Rentals Inc. Property Management

Luxury Student Rentals Inc. Property Management

Managing student rental properties is a full time job.  Some investors may feel comfortable managing their own properties.  But if your investment properties are out of town, you need to partner with a reliable property management company to protect your investment and your cash flow, and keep your properties leased year after year.

Ivy Homes Ltd. has partnered with Luxury Student Rentals Inc. to manage its own properties and recommends investors to engage them to manage their investment properties in London, Ontario as well.

The principals behind Luxury Student Rentals Inc. have contributed to the reconstruction and preparation of Ivy Homes’ student rental investment properties for more than 20 years.  That experience enables them to promote the key attributes of each property and match student tenants with the right property lease.

Once leased, Luxury Student Rentals, Inc. maintains open communications with all student tenants and their guarantors to ensure they enjoy their living experience in your property.

With solid leadership, internal maintenance resources and strong customer relations skills, Luxury Student Rentals Inc. will manage your property as diligently as it does ours.

  • Marketing and Leasing
    • On-campus advertising with partners at Western University
    • Commissioned student leasing agents
    • Student Referral Program
    • Extensive social media engagement – go where the students go
    • Show properties to students and parents
    • Prepare lease agreements and collect deposits
    • Signed  Parental Lease Guarantors for each tenant
    • 12 month leases – no vacancy gaps
  • Business Operations
    • Rental revenue management and accounting
    • Electronic Funds Transfer services
    • Pay disbursements on your behalf from rental payments
    • Dispute resolution
  • Facilities Maintenance
    • 24 -7 emergency response team
    • Manage all necessary repairs and maintenance activities
    • Acquire your permission for expenditures beyond agreed upon limits
    • Work with approved list of contractors
    • Conduct monthly Inspections of properties
    • Carry out house inspections at agreed intervals
    • Enforce municipal compliance and safety regulations
    • Manage move-ins, cleaning and trash removal

Let us to introduce you to our preferred property manager, Luxury Student Rentals Inc.